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D Day was the beginning of October. D Day is the day I realized my strength. That all of these years of therapy, overcoming the stigma(s) of abuse, working through the triggers, and finding joy in a life beyond abuse formed a strong, confident, and capable woman.

The enemy attacked the most vulnerable part of me on D Day and though I felt beaten down I held onto the last thread of fight left in me.

For the past two months I have listened to my own advice. I have spoken (LOUDLY). I have believed in myself. I have held firm in my convictions of what was best FOR ME and not succumbed to enabling poor behaviors because of my lack of worth or value. I CLAIMED MY WORTH. And I KNOW MY VALUE.

Today I begin 2015 with sheer confidence and hope in the healing process. It is day by day.

Which is why I feel called to go back to the 365 Day posts…however this time we will walk together on what this year of healing from betrayal looks like. The ugly and the victory.

Are you going through something that you need to take the first step in moving forward and allowing God to ‘Show Up’ on a daily basis in order to heal and be made ‘new’? Whatever it is let’s walk this journey together.

Today I finally received a hint of true vulnerability from the person who hurt me. It is a step and I’ll take it.

It is not easy. I’m beyond mad. The hurt flames within my blood and burns my core. My pride is battered and bruised.

Taking the first step is a commitment to me. To find joy when life appears joyless.

And it untethered me from bitterness and resentment.

Today my joy is in the Lord who gave me this verse LAST YEAR on this day for me to read TODAY.


I do not know where I’ll be tomorrow or where I will find the joy tomorrow but thankfully I do not need to worry about tomorrow.

tomorrow is its own worry

Find a small spec of joy today and take this first step with me.