5 thoughts on “BOOK (EXPOSED)”

  1. Hello, I am still figuring out how to publish my own book. I love that you wrote one and I will just have to get it. How did you publish and was it difficult? Would love to know your experience to encourage me.

    • Hi Meghan
      EXPOSED was first published by a publishing house that ended up folding under because of some very sinister deals…one of which the president was convicted of first degree child rape. When that happened I got a lawyer and canceled my contract. Then self-published with Believers Press. My second book is being published by Choose Now Publishing. From what I found with publishing that unless you have a big enough platform you’ll need to self-publish first to show what you can do.
      I’d be happy to answer any other questions you too. I think everyone should share their story. If you want to do a short run and be featured on my blog (on my main website http://www.hopefulheartsministry.com) I’d love to have you guest post. I’d like your story shortened into 1000 words or less, a picture and your bio.
      My email is hopefulhearts333@gmail.com

      • Thank you. I am honored to have you want my story. I would love to. Will have to work on a shortened version. But I cannot give you a photo for I am incognito. Is this still ok? You could just use a cute photo of an animal, or Minnie Mouse for me, ha. Let me know. I am not at a place where I can show people who I am. I have to protect my children. Thanks for the offer and I understand if you don’t want my stuff anymore. Meghan

      • Of course I still want it. It is fine not to use your photo or names, etc. NO worries. Email me hopefulhearts333@gmail.com when you are ready.

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