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Each day is a new day…don’t panic. If today happens to be one that is filled with constant anxiety attacks, take care of ONLY what is absolutely needed (aka: KIDS or WORK) and once what is ONLY absolutely imperative is taken care of then take off your shoes, sit down and BREATHE.



Pray if you can. Nothing more than saying Jesus’ name.
Today I ran away. Well, not officially but I did get to last minute ask a fried who has a beach house in Galveston if I could use it for some R & R.


The crash of the waves is a lullaby to my spirit. The vastness of the ocean reminds me how BIG this world is and that God, the creator of it ALL is IN CONTROL of little ole me.

So I went to THE SPOT, enjoyed a beverage and chilled.


This is my joy, these little things in life. The gift of a friend who offers a place of refuge, because let’s face it, sometimes we just need a break.

What is your joy today? Don’t panic … take a breath and remember who has you in His sights.