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Wednesday was good to Leslie. An uneventful day… a few nerves wondering what memories or feelings will this journey uncover?

Leslie and I in the airport on our way!

Leslie and I in the airport on our way!

On our two hour drive from Denver to Twin Lakes (where my parents have cabins …which is in-between Bueno Vista and Leadville, Bueno Vista being the place of Leslie’s five day ordeal in the Collegette Mountains) Leslie began to talk about what she remembered of that time.

I would tell her story but this is giving her the courage she needs to tell it on her own. I don’t want to take that away from her so I will stick to her journey of going through this process.

I’ll let her tell you where she is today (Thursday) in her own words:




Leslie and I with the Collegiate Mountains behind us, where the five day ordeal took place…we will be venturing there tomorrow, Friday.



Leslie with the Twin Peaks mountains behind her (home of my parent’s cabins)










Wait till you hear what happened the next day!!!