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We are coming to an end. Next week will be the final chapter and Epilogue of REDEEMED. I’m grateful you’ve taken your time to come along on this phase of my healing journey. As you’ll see in the Epilogue next week that I knew I could go into a third book almost immediately with what I’d discovered about myself in writing Redeemed, however, the chapters of that book are still unfolding before me. 😉

Redeemed CoverMy intent in sharing my life in this way is to hopefully help others know they are not alone. I suffered in silence for so many years and to have a network of others who might not have the exact same story but have suffered through abuse and loss as I have, it makes the healing journey less burdensome and more hopeful.

Now, in Ch. 18 I discuss something very sensitive to many and special to me – the child I miscarried. I know this affects the majority of the women I know and a few years back I ddi a ‘video blog’ to help. I am including it here just in case some of you might need extra words of comfort and encouragement.

I am enjoying your emails and responses! Again feel free to comment anonymously or email me.

Redeemed Ch. 18 Blog Release

Redeemed Ch. 19 Blog Release

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Neal and me and the boys when we first moved Kingwood

Neal and me and the boys when we first moved Kingwood

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Before REDEEMED was to go to print it had not yet made the ‘copy-editing’ phase…please excuse any mistakes or grammatical errors.
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