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When we lose a loved one the absence of their presence can be devastating, and honestly, confusing. One moment they are hear, holding our hand, making jokes, filling the room with an exuberant energy and life…and the next moment they are gone.

Redeemed CoverBut we struggle because we can still feel them. Their absence doesn’t take away the life they lived, the memories, sometimes the smells. We can often find ourselves experiencing a moment and forgetting the loved one is gone, expecting them to respond to the same moment, or come through the door, or call with a message about what’s going on.

To me, experiencing the death of a loved – still feeling their spirit with them, still having a love for them even though we are not able to touch them – solidifies the daily presence of God in our lives. We can’t see Him but we now He is there. We can’t touch Him but our spirit connects and feels His embrace.

This chapter is a moment that remains very dear to my heart and solidified this understanding for me. Our lives are never ‘over’…there is not a time that we will pass and a void be left in our place. Because of Christ’s death on the cross and redemption our life is everlasting.

Redeemed Ch. 17 blog release

I’d love to hear your experiences with this truth. Post so others can be comforted…

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