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This year my ‘word’ has been confident. Confident in what God has called me to. Confident in my abilities. And confident in my testimony. I wrote EXPOSED lacking in this confidence. I knew I needed to get my story ‘out’ but I was uncertain of what others would think or if they’d believe. I had to do it anyway.

Redeemed CoverEight years of EXPOSED being out (and still selling) and I’ve received more and more correspondence from people all over the world who have experienced similar happenings. Whether it was the abuse, or the spiritual occurrences, they relate.

Releasing REDEEMED chapter by chapter has helped me in gaining this ‘confidence’ because more and more people are writing in sharing their relatable stories and expressing the desire to shed the shame and walk in the path He’s created for them once and for all.


Thank YOU for being a blessing to me and sharing your life with me. It is encouraging.

** Take note there are TWO chapters!**

Redeemed Ch. 14 Blog Release

Redeemed Ch. 15 Blog Release



A few disclaimers:
**The author, Shannon M. Deitz, obtains all rights to REDEEMED, no portion of this story can be used or sold without the author’s written permission.**
Before REDEEMED was to go to print it had not yet made the ‘copy-editing’ phase…please excuse any mistakes or grammatical errors.
Exposed_cover_onlyRead the early part of Shannon’s healing journey in EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him. Available on Amazon, Audible, and only $1.99 on Kindle.


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