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Driving down the road this morning I saw a few people on the sidewalk either walking or running. The younger they were they seemed to have an intense ‘got to get this done and get somewhere’ expression on their face.

watch your stepThe older couples who were walking, not meandering but walking for exercise, seemed to have a more purposeful look on their face. One that seemed to say, ‘I’m doing this for my health, so I can watch my grandchildren grow up.’

It made me think about the progression of why we do things in our age. Right now, truth be told, if I am exercising it’s because I want to lose a few pounds, or slim down my love handles. 😉 I don’t get up at 6am for my well-being and longevity.

But I can see that as I get older I will continue to ‘move’ in order to keep moving. I learned with having Rheumatoid Arthritis for so many years that when you remain stagnant you become more stiff and unable to move.

Headed to Mass I couldn’t help but correlate this with my faith. What’s my intent in my step? Am I doing all of these devotionals, Bible studies, prayer groups, etc just to get to where I want to be (Heaven) or am I doing them with the intent to strengthen my roots in my faith? Am I changing from the inside out?

rooted in ChristAm I creating a solid faith foundation that will remain through the many more trials I’m sure to endure between now and my time to reach the ‘ultimate goal’?

See, it doesn’t matter what you ‘see’ me do…you’ll never ‘see’ where my roots are planted or how strong they might be, you only see the outside, but what matters most is what the work you see on the outside is doing for me on the inside.

What is your intent? Just as Jesus is in the desert in this Lenten season, with no one around to witness him thwarting the temptations of the devil, keep in mind none of us can see if your efforts are truly ‘fortifying’ your roots in faith. Yet, what you are doing for yourself on the inside is what matters most.