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I watched a short video today done by Dynamic Catholic on relationships. Whether you are Catholic or not the message pertains to us all. He discusses accepting others for who they are and taking in mind what they’ve been through in the past that has helped form behaviors and responses. By making the effort to do so we can find more patience within in to deal with difficult situations.

Dynamic Catholic Video 

It is a message that went along with the hard lessons I learned in this past year and that is how to extend mercy when you feel you should be the one to receive it. When we are hurt the most we want to change the situation or even change the person who hurt us in order to make it right, make it the way we think it should be.

Marriages, friendships and even families are often torn apart because of this lack of acceptance. It is natural for us to want to hold onto what we believe is the ‘right way’ or ‘acceptable’, however, it is more difficult to see our own flaws when we are focused solely on everyone else.

plank in eye

Granted, even as the priest in the video says, it does not condone all behaviors and circumstances but when we make the effort to look beyond the situation or frustration at hand and give the person the benefit of the doubt we are then learning to give mercy. By doing so we unwittingly receive extended mercy and grace.

At the same time, remember to self-care. It’s different from being self-absorbed. If you extend that mercy and take the time to understand the person’s background to their behavior and responses and yet they are abusive in nature then the mercy extended is in giving them over to God for correction while you find healthier relationships that extend the same to you.

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