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Allow me to share a moment I had this morning embracing ‘confidence’ this year and learning to receive JOY. 😉

I walked into my office to find some mail on the floor. I don’t typically use the office address to receive mail when I have a Post Office box for the ministry. I looked at the letter and it was from the John G. & Stella Kenedy Foundation. Early in the fall I had applied for a grant to help with the gala.

I’ll admit…because of my level of confidence I applied but allowed the ‘inner lie’ set in that no one else would appreciate the vision of Hopeful Hearts Ministry. Big non-profits get the attention, not us.

LIES. And what a shame I fed into it. Because…

They sent me a grant for a LOVED SPONSORSHIP ($1000)!!!

faith doesn't make things easy


After taking a picture of the check and sending to my board of directors so they could be proud of their hand in it all,  I sat in my chair and allowed myself to bask in a moment of true JOY and accomplishment. They took notice and it feels really good. 😀

Thank you to whomever is involved with the John G. & Maria Stella Kenedy Foundation. I am grateful to honor their memory in what we do through Hopeful Hearts Ministry.

We are two weeks into the New Year…how is it going with working on your word? Let me know!



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