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Happy New Year!!

happy new year 2016

This is YOUR year to focus on just ONE aspect of your life you’d like to improve upon. That’s it just ONE. I think sometimes we get bogged down with a list of things we’d like to change, improve, or begin in our lives and it overwhelms us so stop. Instead we listen to discouraging internal dialogue that we are too weak, not good enough, or we list excuses and allow them to own us instead of owning them. 😉

So this is YOUR year to do something. By picking ONE thing, taking it to prayer, and allowing God to work it through in your life then you can witness the achievement.

My one thing? Not just being intentional in finding JOY in a moment in every day but allowing myself to RECEIVE JOY, HOLD ONTO JOY, and to feel WORTHY OF JOY.

God bless you all!!! And remember…focus on one thing!! 😉



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