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The weather is changing in our area like a sixteen year old changes outfits before a first date. It messes with that hint of OCD I seem to have about keeping things ‘in line’ or ‘in order’… it’s winter, so it should be cold. When it’s summer it’s supposed to be hot which is why the heat never really gets to me because I expect it. 85 degree weather on Christmas Day throws me way out of whack. 😉  It’s just not right!! lol Even though it was hot, though, I knew it wouldn’t last. It’s December…unless the world was truly coming off it’s axis there was no way we’d spend an entire winter with summer weather.

And today… three days after Christmas we are back to 48 degrees. The weather winter deserves.

hope for tomorrowIn a way I think of Hope in this way. It is a consistent, daily promise that there will be comfort, peace, or joy in every person individual circumstance. Last year at this time I found myself thrown off a personal axis…discombobulated and uncertain of what my life was or held for me. For a very brief moment I felt the anxiety ridden lie form from the darkest depths of my soul – “There is no hope for this to change. How will it change?”

By the true mercy and grace of God the lie had no bearings and it fell apart, disintegrated by the truth of what the past sufferings in my life had already taught me – hope never fails. I’ll never forget, in that weakest moment, I fell to my knees in my bedroom and asked God, “Help me.”

2015 was difficult. I struggled. Fought growth and relented to change. I never stopped hoping for the day when I wouldn’t hurt, struggle, or be as weak as the day before. I prayed. I left it in God’s hands and I put my hope in Him.

12 months later I can say my axis is realigned and moving in the proper direction. If I could have spoken to the me then I’m not sure if she would have believed she would come through the year and end up as well as she did…but…I know she hoped she would and that’s all that mattered.

choose hope

As you near your end of 2015 I pray you are in a place to claim your daily hope. Realizing it exists for a time to come with peace of heart, true joy within, and comfort in your losses. 2016 is the Jubilee Year of Mercy. A celebration of His mercy. There is no better time to hold onto hope than right now.



Redeemed CoverDon’t forget! Beginning next week I will be releasing REDEEMED chapter by chapter (probably one week at a time…I still have to figure it out…might have to attach as pdf file ….)! Be sure to share with your friends. If you missed my announcement on Christmas Day click here to read the prologue.