Sappy, cheesy, corny Christmas movies are my thing this season. I want to capture the joy of the season in any way possible and sometimes it’s suffering through the tear-snatching Hallmark commercials. 😉

I began on December 1st by watching a Christmas movie I’d seen advertised on a cable channel I had never heard of, “UP”. What intrigued me was they advertised it as ‘a true story’ which caught my attention. The movie is “My One Christmas Wish” and it’s the story of a woman named Jackie Turner who put out a Craig’s list add to hire a family for Christmas.

Sad, right?

In her Craigslist add she writes:

Jackie Turner“I am looking to rent a mom and dad who can give me attention and make me feel like the light of their life just for a couple of days because I really need it,” the 26-year-old wrote in her Craigslist ad.

She even offered to pay her hosts $8 an hour.

Click here to read more about Jackie Turner’s story.

I will say this movie was very well made, decent acting (especially by the main character) and once the story unfolded I was impressed with how they were able to take this one person’s life of past family abuse and create a heart-warming, inspiring and joy-filled Christmas movie.

Often I say ‘God is intentional’ and I will continue to say it every day! If you are seeking His will in your life you’ll see that even though an answer to your prayer doesn’t come as you requested, or your journey is side-swiped by tragedy and the tricks of the enemy, you’ll see that God will bring good from it all.

This week has been CRAZY with people coming to Hopeful Hearts Ministry…because of the HOLIDAYS. I know many can’t fathom what I say when I am meeting with 1 to 2 new people a day who are just now speaking about the abuse they suffered in the past within their family. Praise be to God that He started this ministry because I know that He wants you to SPEAK UP and not hold it in any more!!!

In watching “My One Christmas Wish” the main character said a quote that summed up what I often say myself:

“Until you acknowledge the pain of your past you can’t embrace the joy of your present.” ~Jackie Turner

My One Christmas Wish

If you are looking for a feel good, inspiring, and slightly cheesy but real Christmas spirit movie, I highly suggest you watch “My One Christmas Wish” on UP.