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Please join with me to SHARE this video and help family members of those who have suffered (and are suffering) at the hands of an abuser to know they are not alone.

If you have a family member you believe is in an abusive situation please reach out to your local women’s shelter to find out what services they offer with counseling, and creating a safe plan of escape. Let them know you are willing to walk with them in this struggle.

When they struggle with seeing the truth of their situation do not give up on them. Listen and encourage them. Invite them to visit www.HopefulHeartsMinistry.com to watch this and other I Have a Voice Videos and to read the blogs that will help empower them to know their worth.

And if you have lost your loved one to domestic violence know it is not your fault. We encourage you to seek help through therapy, your church and other programs that help you walk through the grief of unexpected tragedy.

Tiffany has begun to compile a few resources with http://www.AskSeekandKnock.net


If you know of others resources, retreats, etc please contact Tiffany through her website to be included for others to benefit.