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My fingertips hover above the laptop, my brain is swarming with a deluge of news stories, and my heart is saddened yet I don’t know where to begin, except with His word:

Be still

I’ll be very honest. I. Can’t. Focus.

I want to write some amazing blog that might reach one, ten, or even hundreds of hearts and help them to heal but today I’m scattered. I watched the news this morning and heard the story of the ‘Senior Salute’ a long-standing tradition at the New England boarding school that involved senior students attempting to sleep with lowerclassmen and keeping score of their conquests. (Taken from the Daily Beast) where a 19 year old young man in his senior year wanted to be #1 in his conquests and allegedly raped a 15 yr old woman on the rooftop of a building on campus. The trial begins today.

Conquest. That word makes my skin crawl. When a young woman thinks she’s being ‘courted’ she lets her guard down, and let’s face it, most young women don’t assume young men are after them as a conquest. I use the ancient term ‘court’ to best describe truly how young women feel regardless of what social media portrays…all women, no matter the age, want to believe they are worth the attention, devotion, and admiration of a man despite what they can offer sexually.

Granted, there are the acceptation to the norm, the young women who have already lost a sense of self-respect and dignity and who feel the only way they can get attention and admiration is to offer up their bodies. I know these women well because I was one of them.

But I was first the conquest which led me to become the, well, I’d say a crude word but I will go easy on myself. I longed to be ‘courted’ and out of my desperation I entered into a game that left me not just conquered but discarded.


I hear about this ‘long standing tradition’ at this highly esteemed prep school and I wonder how is it that over all of these years one man or woman hasn’t stood up to change the tradition? These are men and women who have become congressmen, famous actors, philanthropists, ambassadors, authors, clergymen, and many other highly respected positions.

The young man in question was to go on to college and study theology

I came into work and because I couldn’t focus I went through my devotionals on the YouVersion Bible app. I finished the devotional “The Confident Woman” by Joyce Meyer and received the following message from a male friend of mine on the app:

“Congratulations Shannon! Makes me wonder how we can start a movement where men learn, embrace and shout biblical respect, love and honoring of women? Men must change.” ~ Bill

I replied:

“It starts with one man willing to be the example. I think you have already begun.”

images-2There is so much going on in our world that it brings me to my knees and leaves me at times unfocused because where could I possibly begin to help heal those in that hurt or stop it? And yet God asks me to be still…to remember He is God…HE SAVES…and it is with one voice, OUR VOICE…YOUR VOICE… that we begin.

We can’t ignore these behaviors any longer. We shouldn’t brush it off as ‘a growing phase’ or ‘not a big deal’. In all the various news that erupts on a daily basis (the violence, the domestic abuse, rapes, etc) we can’t read about it and simply think “what a shame”. Rather, we need to at least be a voice to our children, to our friends, to the ones we have some immediate influence and speak up. Start the conversation and empower another.

I guess I woke up. 😉 I’d love to hear your thoughts, your ideas, YOUR VOICE.