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Simple message today…at least for me.

A few weeks ago I sat in front of my therapist after suffering through a particularly difficult day ‘dealing’ with the struggles I’ve been going through this year in overcoming a particular hurt in my life. Inside I seethed with anger, indignant and righteous.

Make the hurt go away! My conscience screamed.

isaiah 66 9 will not cause pain

“I’m not dismissing all of this, Shannon, but all of this is very heavy. You have every right to feel the hurt but please hear me when I say you need to lighten up.”

Somewhere inside the woman who once knew joy from every sorrow perked up and listened.

“Work on this in here…otherwise don’t focus on it. Laugh. Enjoy the little pleasures in life. You have a good life…don’t allow this issue to be a poison that makes life dead. You of all people know that even this issue, if you give it the proper time to heal, can enhance all the good God’s created within you.”

Yes, yes. Of course. I want to hear laughter soar from my heart again. I want enjoy every moment and not waste it on the evil that threatens to pervade in these ‘issues’. Why give it the power to take me down?

I took (and am taking) her advice and ‘lightening up’. 😉

lighten up

Whatever you might be going through, don’t allow the weight of it to crush your spirit.




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