**Flashback…but worth every memory! Still so PROUD of Jenna and the young, splendid woman that she is!**


I’ve been watching the preliminary videos of the ‘I Have a Voice’ Video Campaign (set to release in July) and I am taken back once again by the courage each of the survivors had to put their story out there in order to bring awareness to abuse and give hope to those that have suffered through the same fate.

My skin is prickled with the presence of the Holy Spirit because all of this was brought on by God, put to fruition with God’s timing and now,  watching the videos, it is leaving me speechless with His power.  I don’t know how these will be received or where God will take them but I believe each video will reach the person or people God intended to reach and that is fine with me.

What makes me even more ‘in awe’ is one of the survivors, Jenna, an 18 year old survivor of incest by her grandfather.  I met her last October at a conference where I was speaking.  She had heard about Hopeful Hearts and what we do and we ended up talking about what had been transpiring in her life since telling her parents about the abuse.  In a short time she has come so far and I am so proud of her.


Meeting her brings truth to the verse that we meet people for a reason.  I had no idea my own memories would resurface and how much of a comfort she would be for me.  As Jenna told her story for the cameras the same skin prickling began to happen because she was saying almost verbatim what I had said in my taping hours before (where she was not present).   Watching the videos gives a glimpse into the same type of abuse but two different messages… both that need to be told…both reaching a victim on different levels.

Thanking God for having met Jenna I suddenly received a text message from Jenna to look at her FaceBook status a part of which says:

…Helping her with her Hopeful Hearts Foundation gives me hope, faith, and reassurance that I can go out and help others, and I can make a difference! …

Jenna wants to do ‘what I do’ and work for Hopeful Hearts when she gets out of college.  :)….God Bless Her!! lol  But I do believe God has amazing plans for her future.  If it is to work for Hopeful Hearts Ministry then I will be blessed beyond measure!

This evening we went to see a movie as a family, “Now You See Me”.  It is an excellent movie that keeps you guessing till the very end and then you find yourself saying, “Ahhh, yes, makes sense.” I would say something else but it would be a big spoiler and I don’t want to do that to you.  In fact, once you see the movie maybe you’ll understand what I’m about to say but the planning that goes into what is pulled off in the movie (the final reveal) is like a metaphor for how intricate God’s plan is for our individual journey’s.

A design so detailed, complicated and the only way it can work is if we follow His plan.  One move made on our own out of fear, disbelief, pride etc can throw the plan off kilter – and might take double the steps to get back in sync.

What does God have that magic doesn’t?  He is a mystery that can move mountains.



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