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I feel called to accept a word of affirmation and so I thought I’d look into the future and give us ALL a word of affirmation at the end of the week. :)


YOU, my friend, ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

You are WORTHY.

You are STRONG.

You are ONE OF A KIND (Wonderfully made! :D)

you are wonderfully made

You are so dearly VALUED. (So much so that Christ gave his LIFE for YOU so you could have ETERNAL LIFE)

Christ's embrace

You are VENERATED. ( I respect you. You are making through your trials, or you have already overcome. You strive to want more for you and to better you and that deserves respect.)

respect yourself

You are VICTORIOUS!! Every day is a new day, one you have conquered!!

ready for battle

And don’t ever forget it. 😉