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It is end of school, graduation for 8th grade, parties for high school graduations, etc etc. Most of you know the chaos and if you are done with this period of life or don’t have children then I’m sure you have a smile on your face right now. 🙂

Time is precious.

Isn’t that a loaded statement? I typed it because I literally don’t have a lot of time as I need to head out the door in five minutes…and yet when I typed it the thought simultaneously hit me about quite literally how time is precious. I’m a 41 yr old woman about to watch her man-child graduate 8th grade and enter into high school and in four years I’ll be a 45 yr old sending him off and thinking ‘Wasn’t it just yesterday I was wiping his bottom?’ 😉

Okay okay, sappy. But yes…time is so precious. I wish I could tell my younger 28 yr old self to wake up every morning and soak in each hour, each smile, laugh, tantrum, accomplishment, etc.  I did enjoy my time with the kids as they grew but I wasted so much time wishing for a new ‘stage’ of life to begin. I wanted them to ‘grow up’ and now I want them to stop!!!

take care of yourselfBut I went on a tangent. What I wanted to give you as a gift today is a few words. Working with a few survivors this week I realized how important simply saying to them: YOU ARE WORTH MORE than…

caused them to perk up, straighten their back bone and nod their head. Yes I am.

We know it but do we believe it?

So today, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and look into your own eyes (yes it is hard to do for many but push through and show yourself some kindness today.) Look into your eyes and say, “You are worth more than… fill in the blank.”

Are you worth more than being treated disrespectfully? Are you worth more than being lied to? Are you worth more than being overlooked? Are you worth more than being treated like you don’t matter? Are you worth more than being called names or put down? And I could go on because …


May God heal your heart today as you look into the image HE created in love.



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