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Close your eyes and imagine you are standing at the peak of a mountain. All around you the light seems to have faded to gray, darkness lurks at the edges threatening to close in and steal your senses. It was a journey to reach that peak, your body is weary with fatigue, there is an ache in your heart and an urge to simply lay down and allow the darkness to wash over you. What’s done is done.


light of GodTake in a deep breath and look up to the speck of light that remains. God is IN the light. There was a time you looked to the light, you allowed the light to soak in every crevice of your life. You lived in the light and exuded the light. As you recall the freedom of what it meant to live in the light you realize the threat of darkness if fading away. The light is saturating the sky and chasing away the remaining shadows. The burden you carried to the peak of the mountain is lighter as you feel the peace the light brings.

Now open your eyes. Come back to this place every day. Begin each morning remembering who you are in light of God. Allow Him to take up permanent residence in the darkest corners of your mind. The only trust you need to have is in God and God alone.”

Fr. Alfonso gave me this vision yesterday in spiritual direction. I’m sure I didn’t give it justice, I had my eyes closed, this is what I envisioned and where my heart resided. I have allowed my light to fade some … heck I’ll be honest…a lot. In reconciliation I admitted I didn’t feel like the person I knew God created me to be. The young woman that met him face to face on my floor 12 years ago felt like a long lost dream. I need her back.

The only way I can get her back is to stop looking in at myself and especially to those around me for safety and security. The only trust that is life-giving and ‘safe’ is the infallible trust of God.

‘Greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the world.’ (Mercy Me)  For a GREAT day watch the video!

I am finding my way back to who I am in His light. I make a vow to be true to who God is calling me to be, not who I ‘think’ I should be or who others wish I could be. I will embrace this life. I will enjoy those around me and find great satisfaction in daily blessings because I will turn to my God for my strength and trust in where He leads me.

Who do you look at for your safety and security? Do you trust yourself more than you put trust in God? If you are living in conflict and turmoil, frustrated because life is not going ‘your way’… take a moment every day to surrender these feelings to God and allow your soul to bask in the warmth of His light.



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