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Years ago when I was a youth minister I had one young woman whose spirit was pretty beaten down. She would come to various programs with her head hung low, eyes to the floor or anywhere that didn’t require contact with another. In time her demeanor began to change. More and more a smile appeared on her face and eventually rose to her eyes.

“Chin up,” I’d say every time I saw the top of her head rather than her beautiful eyes.

The more youth programs she attended the stronger her spirit became and eventually I didn’t have to remind her to look up. She knew the way to true happiness and emotional healing was by looking to the son.

keep looking up

I think about this young woman at times when I catch myself looking down rather than looking up. How often do I need to tell myself ‘chin up’?  Try this out…when you look down your vision is stunted because we tend to focus on what is directly in front of us, for a larger perspective you have to literally move your head from side to side. But when you look up the view encompasses a broader, even clearer vision and scope.

Looking UpThat is where I am today. I am looking up. Every day there are challenges that threaten to drag my head down to focus solely on the negative and at times it takes effort to lift my eyes up to God and open my spirit and mind to a bigger picture. But the more I make the effort the stronger I become.

Where is your gaze today?

Chin up my friends.



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