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One great gift I have in leading this ministry of healing is I receive the most heartfelt pieces of prose, poetry, personal stories, etc.

This weekend I ran into a woman I’d met quite a while back and she has been following the blog. She asked how I was doing, clearly understanding that this year is a one of endurance, growth and God’s extended grace. I gave her a genuine smile in response, “I’m two steps ahead most days and one step back at times but for the most part I am much much better.”

Where is GodHer eyes reflected the feeling.  The following day I received an email from her that contained a numerous amount of inspired poetry. One poem boasted quite a title, “Where is God“.

Today I spoke to a thriver of abuse (not just survivor but a woman I will be using as a resource within the ministry who has overcome and now heals with Theophostic prayer) and she admitted to questioning where God was when we feel he’s abandoned us in the midst of evil. I remember crying out to God, “Don’t you care?!”

Makes you wonder why Christ on the cross cried out “My God, my God why have You abandoned me?” (Matthew 27:46) just before our redemption was sealed with his final breath.

where is god pictureGod has clearly not abandoned us in the least. In fact he is so near he is within us, surrounding us, holding our eyes open, helping our heart to beat, our diaphragm to expand. He is sustaining us through the evil of another’s will and choice until we choose to recognize his presence and guidance in our lives. And then we learn to fight as righteous rather than victims.

What is your choice? It is our choice that lead us to inflict evil, walk away from evil, deflect evil and even love despite evil.

Where is God? He is in every thread of your being but you have to make a choice to see your true heritage.

Where is God

When you feel as if you cannot take another step

When crying is all you feel you have left

You ask where God is

He is in the tear drop that falls

Bathing and healing your soul.


When you have walked away from all of your beliefs

And feel that prayer is something you cannot say

He walks quietly beside you, though you may not see him

Youwill feel his grace in the strangest of ways

In the quiet of the night or walking across a floor

Past a stranger on the street who knows

The healing power of touch,a kind word, a smile

When you seem lost, afraid to step out and feel

Is when He holds yourhand and quietly leads you


The moments when you feel that you are alone

When there is no one near to hold you

And you fear that your prayers will not be heard

That is when your soulis held

The closest to His heart

Through the darkness you do not see and so often

It is then that you fail to look for the light within

A light given at birth, lasting till the end

When you feel that you cannot breathe, let alone take a step

And you feel thefrailness of your being

When you are afraid to see or chose not to believe

You ask where God was when my world crumbled within


It is then that the wonder of His grace may be felt

If you just take that breath, and make that step

For His grace is all around you, though you cannot see

When it seems as if there are no tomorrows that you can bear

That is when God is truly there

~ “C”



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