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The season of Easter is proving to be truly redemptive and glorious for me! I have been busy setting up my shingle…do you recall the post I did a few years ago wishing to have a place to ‘set up shop’ and offer a place for survivors to visit, decompress, be empowered and rejuvenate in hope and healing? Well it is happening!!!! :D

At the end of this week Hopeful Hearts Ministry is moving into actual office space!! Once I get it all prepared and set up I will offer more information and specifics but till then  I AM ON CLOUD NINE!! Praise God!

Exposed_cover_onlyAlso, as of last night I FINALLY uploaded EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him on Kindle! I have not had the ‘rights’ to my eBook for a few years and now that I do I decided to offer it again and at a VERY LOW PRICE of $1.99. I will even have some promotional posts that I will give copy’s away FREE. I simply want it to be available to everyone. And I believe if you bought a print version of EXPOSED through Kindle they will offer you a Kindle version for $.99.  So spread the word and check it out!!

Finally, during this month of Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention I have been sharing YOUR STORIES to offer a VOICE to the real issue of abuse. On the Hopeful Hearts Ministry FB page we are sharing I Have a Voice Videos daily and other inspiring messages so be sure to LIKE US!

One woman wrote in and shared her very powerful personal story with us. Her name is Jo Bailey Frazier and she has her own ministry, blog, and website. Be sure to check her out:  www.JoBaileyFrazier.com 

For today’s personal story please consider taking the very short time to watch Jo’s brave story of survival and healing. It touched me greatly and I am certain it will help encourage those of you who have suffered some of the same abuses to be faithful and never give up.

Hold onto God’s promises because HE never gives up on you.