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*Reblogged from 2014*

It was early in the morning and I went to pull my car out of the garage when I heard the morning DJ’s talking on the radio about this ‘monster’. It wasn’t my usual Christian radio station, one of my son’s had been flipping stations the night before, so I was about to turn it when I heard them say, “Can you imagine? They have him on tape admitting he molested young girls.”

My hand froze on the knob. Who?

Then I heard a recording of a man’s voice discussing how he ‘looked’ at young girls. Then a woman’s voice is heard sounding shocked and mortified. She said something like ‘You looked at a ten year old little girl?’

He corrected her. ‘No, they were 11, 12 and 13.’ He then continues admitting to the fact it wasn’t just ‘looking’.

The DJ’s stop the recording there and discuss the behavior of this man so casually explaining to his wife that he was a pedophile.

WHO? I’m wanting to yell at the DJ’s to tell me again who it is they could be talking about. Not that it really mattered but I wanted to know.

Finally, they recap and let us in that the night before the news broke that actor Stephen Collins, most known for his role as the preacher and beloved father on 7th Heaven, is accused of ‘allegedly’ molesting three minors. Read more here.

The conversation that followed is what struck the biggest chord with me. The producer of the radio program and the two DJ’s were astonished that this well-liked, good-looking, successful actor could be such a monster.

I turned them off and went inside to look up Stephen Collins on-line. I personally couldn’t place him by name but recognized him immediately when I saw his picture.

Great smile. Nice looking. Kind of guy that would make you feel comfortable and secure, even safe.

wolf in sheeps clothing

My grandpa had the same smile. He exuded the same aura of comfort and safety. An every man’s man. Well-loved and served many in his life.

Neither look menacing, ugly, demented, warped, crazy, or threatening.

Their exterior does not reflect the interior.

This is true for abusers of any sex, race, or stature. And for any type of abuser (domestic, physical, sexual, emotional, pedophile, etc.)

Regardless, I knew one thing for sure, I was happy that the information ‘leaked’ out because the more opportunity we have to ‘open this up for discussion’ and bring awareness to the facts of what abuse really looks like then the better chance we have at ending the epidemic. The important lesson to learn from this is to be vigilant in talking to your kids about what abuse is and that every one, even mommy and daddy, need to respect them mind, body and spirit.

And just because a husband or wife is ‘good-looking’ or ‘wealthy’ or ‘likeable’ doesn’t mean they should get away with abusive behavior to their family.

Inform and be informed.