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Actually it wasn’t today that I got the chance to do this but I just needed to share this feel good moment. When my yoga instructor asked if I wanted to go to the lake to do the lesson for the day I was there in spirit before I even got in the car. It was a GORGEOUS day.

75 degrees. A nice breeze rustling the trees. The sun kissing my cheeks like a long lost friend.

I laid down my matt and noticed the bumble bee hovering dangerously close. Before I would squirm and be distracted. Now I let it do its thing. Mr. Bee paid no attention to me. ;)


I stood in this field, with a stranger on a riding lawn mower doing his job and not once felt insecure, self-conscious or embarrassed. I soaked in the sun, let out the stress, and embraced the moment.

How many feel good moments in my life have I allowed to slip by because of my insecurities? How many opportunities could I have taken in God’s beauty but I was too set in my ways to go off course?

No more.

You can judge my pose, remark on my lack of flexibility, or even make note of the few pounds that I could stand to lose… but when I look at that picture above I see a strong woman. A woman taking in the moment and thanking God for the gift to receive. I see strength. Resolve. Tenacity. Perseverance. Fortitude. Kindness and most importantly…


I’m going to do my best to not miss any more moments. Healing isn’t remaining in the flames of adversity or struggle. It is embracing the moments of rejuvenation, character building, and rest.

Embrace your moment today. There will be one. It might be a minute or the entire day but don’t let it pass you by.

I wanted to share a song with you that we played while doing some of the warrior series.  Sara McLachlan’s version of the Prayer of St. Francis:



I’m grateful to Lynn Feder of Yoga4Life. She is a true inspiration and greatest motivator! If you are in the Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita area be sure to give Lynn a shout…I know she’d love to help you as well. yoga4life@earthlink.net