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Something hit me deep in my gut just now. Granted I know I can’t see past the next second. Nor do I have control over anyone else’s happiness but my own. But I can choose the direction in which my energy will go.

trust god no matter whatOut of no where I had a vision. A scene of what I wanted in a particular area in my life and it was as if the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, “You can choose to make it happen.”

The flesh on the nape of my neck rose with goose pimples.

I jumped up off my behind and went to my journal. Name it and claim it. Write it down.

Do I believe a vision of fairy tales? No.

I believe in the promise of God’s rainbow after a storm. (Yes…I have to…I have to share my FAVORITE video of this man’s JOY in a double rainbow. :D Brings him to tears…my day is coming. My friends…OUR day is coming.)

The euphoria of a double rainbow is on my horizon but it might take months before I see it. What helps me trust in the promise is having lived through other storms in life and celebrated in the rainbows that followed.

Some days I feel like I’m in the briar patch unable to get unstuck and on to the next day. But this promise of the rainbow helps me to take a deep breath, regroup, stay calm and find the solution to maneuver my way out of the mess.

Name the truth God gave you in your heart. Claim His promises.

Never never never never give up.