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While waiting for my son’s baseball game to begin in this nasty weather I sat with my iPad hoping to drum up a post.

and I waited  …  and waited  …  and nothing ‘inspired’ me. So I put it away.

Ah…the freedom to realize just because my anal self feels I should post so many times a week doesn’t necessarily mean I should if they are not ‘inspired’. If I were getting paid to do so, that might be a different story. Now THAT might inspire me. ;)

However, last night I read about something on forgiveness and it struck a chord with me. I felt I’d share it in case it would do the same for you.


This article gave a very good visual of the need for forgiveness. I’m a visual person and with visuals things ‘stick’ better. The only ‘visual’ I’ve ever been given of forgiveness is when we refuse to forgive it’s like taking the poison the you wish to give the offender. The only person poisoned is you.

However, this article made this point: To administer punishment to the ‘offender’ there has to be a jailer. While it might feel like they are getting the deserved punishment you are condemning yourself to the same sentence. Freedom comes only in forgiving the debt created by the offender.

Forgiveness is a gift to yourself and has nothing to do with the other person.

Failure to forgive leaves you forever the victim.

I don’t know about you but anytime I’m referred to as ‘the victim’ it makes my skin crawl. We are all victims of something or someone at some point in our life but to remain victimized when we have the tools and the ability to overcome and thrive is a travesty. Jesus didn’t suffer a horrible death for us to remain victims of sin. Regardless of who’s sin it is.

I’ll do whatever it takes NOT to be considered a ‘victim’. BUT I’ll be the first to admit it is NOT EASY.

For Lent I am praying a Forgiveness Prayer for any one I might have not forgiven in my life.


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It comes from the book As We Forgive Those by Charles F. Fink. I’ve highlighted this book before multiple times and I strongly recommend it to you if you are struggling with forgiveness.

There are some people I need to forgive that when I say the prayer I first have to ask God to help bring me to the place of meaning every word it says. So I pray it every day until I feel it is coming from within my spirit and not just my voice.

Like I said, it is not easy. Not at all. I am not perfect. I am trying to forgive the best I can. And I know that with my willingness one day I will.

Hang in there. Freedom is a prayer away.