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I didn’t expect the timing to be what it is… but when it is GOD’S timing then how can we argue? I am headed for a RETREAT for the entire week. It is a specialized retreat and one that I pray brings a great amount of healing, or at least clears a path for the journey ahead.

The joy from the gala is still within my spirit and I think this is a gift from God. My heart does not feel burdened. I feel light with His love and His mercy. I am open to receiving whatever He has in mind.

for my yoke is easy

I will not be blogging during this time. I am going to try and be ‘media free’ (except for looking at emails for prayer requests)…being that it is the week of Lent beginning I think it’s quite appropriate to enter into Lent with my own sacrifice and the blessing is the knowing there is an Easter morn.

If your heart is heavy try to give the burden to Jesus, at least through Lent. We are to ‘abstain’ well then ‘abstain’ from your sorrows. Give them to God and ‘add’ happiness and gratitude in your life.

Pray for me and I’ll pray for you. Feel free to email me your prayer requests:  hopefulhearts333@gmail.com  It might give an ‘out of office’ response but I promise I’ll get them and pray.