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Joy overflows and bubbles up within me. I prayed for a ‘decent’ showing of people and support for the first Hopeful Hearts Gala and the day before it began we had SO MUCH support that we had to switch to a bigger ballroom to accommodate everyone! The BEST problem to have. :D

*Pictures provided by SnapCounts Photography

The Overlook was simply a picturesque and I couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out.

Auction items filled one entire portion of the ballroom.

And candlelight to set the mood.

I wanted the night to be FUN, INFORMATIVE, AND MORE FUN. God delivered!

HUGE thanks to these woman Jodi, Julie and Amy the heads of the Gala Committee...could NOT have been a success without them!!!

5th Avenue ROCKED the house!!!! Made the party!

We heard from survivors (Caitlin ...see her "I Have a Voice Video)

Kris who called into KSBJ Christian radio when I was on a program and I've worked with her since...AMAZING woman with great strength

I spoke about the inception of Hopeful Hearts and our purpose in helping give a voice to survivors of abuse. To help them not only survive but thrive.

And we had FUN FUN FUN!!!!

And Dancing dancing dancing!!!!

More dancing...

Photo booth fun!! (Photo booth provided by No Fear Sports)

And MORE dancing!!! ;)

And we can’t forget the SWEETS for the SWEET!

Grateful to ALL of our bakeries and bakers!! I wish I could have had one of EVERY THING!!!

Plenty of SWEETS ...!!! Trust me I tried my best to sample everything. ;)

The band played till it was literally closing time. An amazing evening and a great ‘FIRST’ gala! I can’t wait till next year!

THANK YOU  to every single person who contributed to the evening.

  • The women on the gala committee who worked their tushes off, spent their own dimes and dollars, and put their LOVE and hard work into the evening – I’m INDEBTED to you!!!
  • To the SPONSORS and to ALL OF THOSE WHO ATTENDED – thank you for the support!!!
  • To all of you who sent in donations but couldn’t make the event  – YOU ARE A BLESSING
  • To 5th Avenue Band who ROCKED THE HOUSE!! It was not a party without you!!
  • And to every single person across the globe who sent me messages of support and encouragement PRAYING for me and the evening – LOVE YOU!!!!

And to my husband, Neal, for making a dream of mine come to fruition from the get go – your support and understanding means the world to me. I love you and I thank you.

To the man who supported this crazy dream!

Finally thank you to GOD ALMIGHTY who gave a call to a wounded woman … thank you for healing me as I help lead others to your healing grace.

To see all 174 pictures taken of the event go to SnapCounts.com and for every photo purchased Hopeful Hearts Ministry receives 15%! Thank you Andrea Blizman!

If you missed this year DON’T WORRY we will do it again next year!! And we would be more than happy to continue to receive your donations and support. ;)