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Yesterday I had a personal (small) push toward ‘moving forward’. I know it’s a matter of choice. I recall back this summer when I felt ‘happy’ that I posted the “Happy Song” and said ‘it’s a choice!’…

(How I long to go back to blissful ignorance of what awaited me in the following months.)

I was right. Happiness is a choice. Healing is a choice. We can choose to be stuck as the victim or we can accept that whatever was before will never be quite the same and embrace the new in tomorrow.

I voiced the little threads of concern that hold me back and I was asked “Do you trust what you feel is right inside of you?”

Do I trust myself? Interesting.

And I do.

Immediately my friend pulled out her ‘Angel Cards’ a fun and I picked one. Couldn’t help but share it (wish I had last night!!).

image Healing…can you believe? Out of like 100 cards and I pick healing.

This is what it said:


Can you read that? “Sometimes a situation cannot heal until you release the challenge completely.”  And…‘Stop focusing on what is wrong.’…that is good for everyone to hear!

I couldn’t help tear up at the end, “The powerful effects of your healing work touch many lives.”


And it was a blessing to work with another new client last night. It is always so empowering and uplifting to be witness to God’s grace in bringing someone first to the awareness of who they are in His eyes and that they deserve to be healed.


You are worthy too. You deserve to be healed. We deserve to be healed.

One day at a time.