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I am being the very person I can’t stand – a whiny baby!!! :(

Ugh…what do we do when we realize we are enveloping the very behavior we abhor??

Whine some more?? ;)

No. You stop.

I know it. I am. I promise.

But let me tell you why I’m whining (because it does feel better to talk about it and then inevitably it makes you realize ‘wow this is awful I should STOP’…

I’m whining because I know that the ONLY way I will be able to be at a place in my life that I am TRULY healed is for me to accept the circumstances and ‘get past it’ and not keep thinking ‘why?’ or ‘how could they?’. That despite whatever it is we are working through that has been done ‘to us’ or ‘against us’ or ‘taken from us’ is ‘on us’ to get over. There is nothing a person or persons can do or say to take away what hurt or harm that has been done.

Exodus 33

God’s taken the sin(s) back (if they’ve sought reconciliation) and at some point we have to accept it and move forward. Even if the person or persons haven’t sought their own forgiveness or reconciliation it is still ‘on us’ to ‘let it go’ or we will be stuck in the place of hurt and suffering because of pride.  Or if it’s a loss we are suffering then it’s a matter of accepting we will never get that person back here on earth…(which is so difficult).

Who wants to remain in that hurt and suffering? Not me…

But it doesn’t seem fair does it? THAT’S why I’m whining. Because it ISN’T fair.

And at this moment I really don’t have an answer for that… if I did I wouldn’t be whining. :)

I DO know that in time God heals this too. His compassion is not for one but for all. And that is where my hope rests.

Have a good weekend.