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My joy today will be to do a hint of shameless advertising. :) Yesterday I mentioned briefly how I met with a new client and how in listening to them I heard my own heart speaking. “I never expected this for my life.”

You don’t have to be a survivor to say that to yourself. Any type of rejection, tragedy or altered plan can turn the page on our story. It’s daunting to look ahead and have no control over what to expect, especially if you are a Type A control freak that thrives on having some say in the matter.

God is in control

What I didn’t explain about yesterday was the circumstance in which I met with this new client. With two small kids in tow we tried to find a quiet place to meet. I don’t have an office or facility so I have to utilize public facilities in Kingwood. On this particular day no place offered quite the privacy we needed. We ended up taking a walk on the greenbelt. At one point I was desperate enough to put us in an old confessional of an old ‘supposedly not used’ chapel but their were others there seeking solitude as well and two small children don’t worry for much silence.

hangingshingleI’m in desperate need of an office! A place where survivors can feel safe and comfortable. There are so many types of programs that could be offered to survivors to continue in their healing journey to not ‘just survive’ but to thrive.

Groups such as Family Time do an amazing job helping victims with the moment of tragedy – counseling, safe houses, court advocates, legal advice etc… but Hopeful Hearts Ministry helps the survivors after the fact. Once a victim’s heart has overcome the strain and stress of the actual situation they recognize themselves as having survived and  need to find a safe place to land, to speak out about the lived experience and work on healing for a lifetime  – not just a moment.

If you are in the Houston / Kingwood area and would like to attend a FUN night that benefits Hopeful Hearts Ministry please click on this link for more details:  Hopeful Hearts Ministry Gala February 13, 2015.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day – go out and soak up the sun (if you are here in the South…if you are in the East… go out and make a snow angel! :D)