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Yesterday I was all set to put out a simple post that showed this amazing ‘affirmation’ I received from a friend.


Not just ‘angels’ but ‘archangels’! If you haven’t already known I am a big fan of St. Michael the Archangel. In fact, I might say a prayer for his intercession on the daily:

st michael prayer

Intercessory prayers from our friends, family, and yes, if you believe in this sort of thing, saints and archangels can be quite calming in a time of healing. Just to talk about what is going on is therapy, however to know you have someone praying for you as well often eases anxiety. We can know we pray at any time and God LISTENS but it is that much more validating and reassuring to feel covered by many in prayer.

Before I could put out that post for the day I got caught up in my son’s last basketball game. They ended up winning and did a major comeback with the season to land a spot in the playoffs! Which brought an amazing amount of JOY to my day.

That is my son, Seth, #30, making the last shot in the final .8 seconds of the game! ;)

Today the moments of opportunity were few and far between and what it was okay. Isn’t that a part of this healing process in life? Especially if we are walking together in this for an entire year…we need to be okay with not getting to every single ‘to do’ on the list? ;)

I met with a client today and a message came through loud and clear – we have to accept our healing and the path of our journey each in our own time. This new client was stuck on ‘I never expected my life to be this way.’  Instead of looking at what was needed to be done to move forward and get life in a better place than it ever was this client grieved what ‘could have been’ and ‘should have been’.

Human nature sets in and we can’t help but grieve the loss of dreams, goals, desires, anticipated happiness that will never happen. That grief can often cloud the HOPE of the new dreams, greater goals, more desires and sured happiness that will come along.

hope for tomorrow

It isn’t easy. I know. I’m ‘stuck’ too. It’s much easier to instruct someone else over following the instruction. ;)

The key is to remember it is in our time. Not their time. Your time. Don’t be so hard on yourself but don’t allow opportunities of a better life to slip by because you can’t see beyond the past.