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Take a break. Sometimes this healing process is all-consuming that you can lose yourself. That’s when you need to take a break. Don’t think about it (or try not to…it’s not so easy to just not think about something that had the ability to rock your world).

It’s funny because I planned this trip back in July? August? It was a gift to myself and I couldn’t pass up the possibility of seeing ‘stars’ at Sundance. I knew my friend, who owns the house in Park City, and that was about it. It would be an adventure.


A few of Park City from Death Valley subdivision.

We couldn’t have had better weather or better company in our group. We were all relatively strangers with knowing our hostess in common which made for a weekend of hilarity as our personalities bloomed in the wee hours.

Our beautiful group of ladies.

None of us had been to the Sundance Film Festival so we had no idea how to navigate the weekend. It wasn’t until Friday that we finally figured out how to get into a movie by waitlist. Our first movie was CHORUS, a French/Canadian black & white film with English subtitles. … yeah we groaned a bit but it was about the experience. ;) Even though the movie had nothing to do with music it turned out to be quite the tear jerker.


Of course the movie had an underlying story line of a pedophile who kidnapped a little 8 year old boy and eventually murdered him …the main story being about the parents of the boy 10 years later when the pedophile confesses to the crime and they are able to put closure to their son’s life. It was an intriguing film with amazing actors. After awhile we got so caught up in the physical performance of grief and anxiety that we forgot we were reading the dialogue.

The next morning we navigated our way (by getting up at 6:30am to do so) into another movie premier – Ten Thousand Saints (a novel adapted for the movies) by Eleanor  Henderson. Ethan Hawk was a part of this strong cast so it was no problem getting up at the crack of dawn to wait in line.  At the end of the movie the entire cast came out and answered questions.

Can you recognize them all?

The movie was excellent, emotionally captivating with a tinge of hilarity in just the right moment to keep the tears at bay.


Our luck had run out by lunch and there were no more movies we could manage to waitlist so we found our way to Main St. and into the Chase sponsored lounge where there were three floors of Virtual Reality games. We had so much fun! The best was the flying machine. I’m afraid of heights but took on the challenge.


Apparently my ‘oohhs’ and ‘aaahhhs’ and snorts attracted a crowd. By the time I was done I had people standing all around the machine and they gave me a round of applause. I had been oblivious to what was going around me because TO ME it felt like I was 1,000’s of miles above the earth and if I didn’t flap those dang wings I was getting lower and lower, threatening to run into a building!

My group said it was a close version to the ‘When Sally Met Harry’ diner scene. Uhhh… totally didn’t mean to!! No wonder the standing ovation…(yes I’m blushing) :).

On our way home that afternoon I chose to walk it instead of get a cab. It wasn’t that far but we had the daunting task of going uphill on the ‘Shorty Steps’ which were over 175 steps up a mountain. So when I got to the house I was alone and couldn’t help but realize the snow was perfectly flat and unmarked.

See those steps top left corner?  And my beautiful angel?? ;)


One thing I’d never done before in my life, because of my own issues, was make a snow angel. Before I would have talked myself out of it because I’d get my entire back side wet and why would I want to go through that hassle? This time I decided to heck with losing out on these little moments in life. I needed a genuine smile and being alone in this moment was exactly what I needed.

Later that night, our last night in town, we made it into a swank club (tickets only) and got to finally meet a few celebs face to face:


Dr. Oz (yes that’s us interrupting his dinner) and Jeffrey Tambor (I took everyone else’s picture and failed to get one with him!!)

The weekend truly lived up to any expectation I had of adventure. But the adventure wasn’t in basking in others celeb status or lime light, it was taking on the entire experience of what there was to offer at Sundance.

My heart and mind needed the break.

One final picture…this is apparently a very famous artist that shows up at random places in the U.S. and paints these scenes…I thought it was cool and wanted to share.