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Have you ever lost something small, a ring, a key, a pen and you are looking everywhere for this item but you can’t find it anywhere? You know it shouldn’t be far from you, you saw it just the other day or maybe (if you’re like me) only moments ago but you can’t seem to find it at all.

Then someone else with a fresh perspective comes into the room. “What are you doing?” The question doesn’t even need to be asked because it has to be clear you are losing your mind. You look like a miniature poodle sniffing out every nook and corner.

You let them know what you lost and as if they had it in their sights the entire time and were enjoying the show they point directly in front of you. “It’s right here.”

Ever have that happen?

Sometimes I feel like that is happening to me only not with tangible items but with perspectives.  I know what the perspective I should have is and I know it’s right in front of me, I can even say I know how to obtain it but at the same time I feel like I’m looking all around going ‘Where is it?’…or rather…’Where is my will to do so?’

new beginningsThis is a little of how I’ve felt today. I went to a Hopeful Hearts ‘healing stretch’ program (aka: yoga but it’s NOT the eastern mediation that some get upset about…I focus on GOD’S healing in me…) this morning and at the end of the program we are given positive affirmations. Mine this morning was a picture of an angel and it said “New Beginnings”. It went on to affirm that at times we can allow fear to keep us from the joy that new beginnings offer.

In my quiet time yesterday I knew in my heart I needed to find my way to accepting a clean slate on some things in my life. Pride is holding me back and I know that it literally is a change of perspective that I need in order to ‘let it go’ and receive the blessing that can come from that clean slate.

Could God be any louder?? ;)

Top it off with an affirming email from a fellow survivor this morning that read:

There is a real enemy that seeks to detract and discourage us, but there are also mighty beings that only want our good and give us strength for this earthly journey back to God.  May you also know the presence of these heavenly beings.”

Amen! :D

And I want to not only share my response with YOU but to myself…because I need to hear myself too.

I do believe we have a legion of God’s angels with us giving us ample opportunity to open our eyes to the realization that HE is INDEED near and our petulance to ignore His true presence and ability to ‘heal’ us WHOLE is only from fear.
The journey is tough. It is long. And I’m sure not necessarily ever ‘over’ till we seek true purification in heaven. But it gets easier in some ways, harder in others as we continue to move forward.
sins as white as snow

My joy today is in God’s persistence to not allow me to ignore HIS voice in the many people He chooses to speak to me through – what vessels!! And an added joy is in the comfort of the legions of angles we’ve been given to give us that ‘wind’ to sail through this journey.

I pray your joy is in knowing and receiving the same confirmation.