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This is now…

We can’t keep reaching back into the past. No matter what we are searching for, arsenal to validate a fight, or memories to ignore your present circumstances, that was then but this is now.

The past created who we are today. In both positive and at times negative ways. To face what we are going through today we need to learn to focus on the task at hand…even if it’s as simple as getting out of bed.

Jeremiah 5Fear can keep the present day at bay and prolong our journey of becoming who God willed us to be from the moment of our creation.


Fear is not of God! God is not about fear!

When we find ourselves dipping too far back in order to escape the fear remember God’s promise of a brighter day.

And when it IS necessary to dip back in the past and unearth some skeletons that were never properly buried in order to take on the present task at hand, remember what you know NOW that you didn’t know or accept then – God’s divine will.


Lord, I come to you in this early morning time, my heart at peace, my mouth at rest. As I wait upon you, you come to me eager to talk and listen. As I spend time here with you, my strength is renewed. I mount up with wings like eagles. With you by my side, I can run and not be weary, walk and not faint. Be with me here and now, TODAY and forever.


(Taken from my Power Prayers for Women Journal)

My joy? The many beautiful souls around me who continue to encourage and love me in the here and now.

Here is another great song that has filled me up over the past few days. Casting Crowns “This is Now”