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Joy came this weekend in relishing in others joy.

Saturday a girlfriend offered to do a make-up session to get ready for next weekend’s Family Time Gala where I will be awarded the Women of Achievement Award for Women’s Advocate.  It’s a formal affair (do you know how long it’s been since I’ve warn a formal) and with everything else that has been on my mind it has taken the backseat.

When she offered to do my make up I jumped at the opportunity because I need someone to help me lift this face up! ;)

We did a ‘pre’ show this weekend before I attended a wedding.


Melisa does wonders. But it makes me think of the natural ‘face lift’ we get when we ‘let go and let God’…I remember after I had a conversion of the heart I remember my mother in law telling me she could see it ‘written all over my face’ that I literally ‘glowed’.

ephesians 5 8 live as children of light

I don’t believe we lose that ‘shine’ even when we go through tragic circumstances. Instead it comes out in the way in which we choose to walk with God through the pain. Even in the suffering our lights will shine.

Neal and I at the wedding

Don’t allow the enemy to keep your light under a basket. I know you feel like curling up in a blanket and hiding from every one but what good does that do except to allow darkness to fester?

Let your light shine

Makes me think of a mantra I used to tell myself in college when I was going through the rape trial and felt like the world was scrutinizing my every move. “Wake up, dress up, and smile.”

I have no problem letting you see me upset, cry, frown and be angry but sometimes enough is enough.

Tomorrow is a new day with new expectations! Trust me, there is always something to smile about.