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The outpouring of emails, texts and messages I’ve been receiving has been overwhelming. Knowing we are not alone is often the most comforting in time of need. Why do you think blogs became such a mainstream of entertainment? Those of us who pour our hearts out allow the readers to know they are not the ‘ONLY’ ones suffering, or thinking the same crazy thoughts…we are ALL dealing with ‘schtuff’. ;)

One message I received today was the start of my JOY, it is lyrics to a song and so I wanted to share it with you:

If I forget to say my prayers
The devil wears a grin,
But he feels so awful, awful
When the light comes shining in.
So if you are unhappy
Just stop listening to him.
Just open up your heart
And let the sunshine in.

So let the sunshine in.
Face it with a grin.

shine on

The reason why this made me so happy is because it went along with what I feel I’ve been dealing with all along…a fight with the enemy. And the greatest ‘fight’ we have to give is to OPEN OUR HEARTS and allow Christ’s light to SHINE ON and blind the enemy!

Casting Crowns has this amazing new album that I have literally been listening to every day all day.  The last track on the album goes with this theme perfectly. Please listen to the lyrics.

Have a blessed Friday!