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I was sent this amazing video by a friend and I had to share today. It gave me JOY to hear this young man say “I can’t because I’m a man.”

The only time I’ve been ‘physically’ abused was during the assault when I was 17 (or rather 2 weeks before my 17th birthday as I often recall). That was the first and last time a man had ever laid his hands on me in a violent manner. The effects don’t go away. Obviously what I’ve found through the other assaults I’d incurred was that non-verbal threats, psychological abuse along with the sexual act is just as damaging, if not even more apt to leave a mental ‘scar’ than an actual physical slap. Regardless it’s all bad. And a physical assault can’t be done without the psychological ramifications.

I watched this video and cried. Tears of both sadness and joy.

Sadness because the innocence in these young men (and the young woman) gripped my heart. I wanted to reach into the screen and pull them through so I could give them a hug and say ‘stay forever in this truth’.

Joy because even in the midst of this evil world Jesus can still shine light across the world and bring about what is ‘right’, ‘true’ and ‘kind’.

Another JOY I had today was listening to this song, Broken Beautiful by Ellie Holcomb. LOVE IT. ;)  A friend sent this to me and one of the things I love MOST in this world is MUSIC to lift spirits.

I pray the video and/ or song brought JOY to your day!! Remember, it’s a choice within us to seek the hope, to look up, to smile even when we don’t want to.