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It takes a village not only to raise a child but to keep us, as individuals, sane.

“Could you survive in the wilderness alone?” I pondered this question, a fun little ice breaker question given by a girlfriend, and I realized even though I might find a way to manage physically, mentally I don’t know where my faculties would be after a long period of time.

support systemI need support. One person, two, sometimes even three people to hear me. To listen to what is on my heart. To keep my mind from going in the wrong direction and to validate when I need to stand up for what feels right in my gut.

The key to finding true power in support is making sure they are grounded in the same belief system and morality that you live and strive to sustain. My support would be of little use if they agreed with every word I said or failed to realize my emotions were overpowering rationality. The true power of a support system is when we can trust their direction when we know ours might be a bit biased or faulty, which is exactly what happens in times of tragedy and suffering.

God is my number one support. In his word I find comfort, validation, hope and when needed (and I’m willing to listen) loving correction to help me stay on the path toward complete healing and joy. Because God is my #1 I choose to find friends that make him their #1 as well, this way I know if we are in prayer together then when my spirit is weak they shine Christ’s light upon the situation so we can see where the impurities lie.

I’m blessed with an amazing group of women to lean on and I count YOU as an integral player in my support. Already I’ve received phone calls, emails, texts, and even cards in the mail to offer prayer, support and love. THANK YOU.


It might be frustrating for you to not know the ’cause’ of my inner struggle but the cause is not what matters. All that matters is recognizing that every struggle is an opportunity for growth.  We can name the ‘struggle’ death, depression, chronic illness, betrayal, life-change, shame, guilt, despair, etc, etc. Call ‘it’ whatever you like, the journey to healing is all the same.

We were never meant to go it alone. Why do you think God created Eve? ;) And interesting fact…when Eve at the apple and she persuaded Adam to as well…what was their first reaction when God asked them what happened? Defense

‘She made me.’ ‘The serpent made me.’ etc. But we all know they had the choice to eat the apple or not.

As we have a choice to live happy or not. It’s not easy some days…and admittedly some days I’m so overcome and weak by the ‘evil’ of this struggle that I want to wallow in it and fester. But then it stinks after awhile and it is not what my spirit is used to. I can’t do it. As much as the evil in it wants me to remain in that place GOD DID NOT CREATE ME TO FESTER IN EVIL. He created me with love, by love and for LOVE.

We love because He loved us

So this is my joy today… recognizing those who are my support system and receiving their love. I love you too! :)

Take a moment to reach out to your support, whether it be your husband, wife, mother, father, friend, co-worker, send a note and thank them for loving you through it.