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I learned two valuable lessons today on my journey of healing.

#1 – Sometimes the most healing, caring gift you can give to yourself is to refuse to add undo or unwarranted pressure on your day.

When we are in a state of overcoming difficult things our minds are already encumbered with a variety of emotions that adding stress to get certain mundane tasks done is not necessary.


Christmas decorations still up (like mine)? Don’t look at the entire house just do one room at a time, or even one box, or one wall at a time. Just one small task at a time.

#2 – To be heard we need to learn to listen. The more respect we give to others and try to hear them out or know their ‘point of view’ reassures they are being ‘heard’ and often lends to reciprocation. If you acknowledge that you hear them, possibly even validate one aspect (sometimes that’s hard to do given the situation but there is always something to validate) then they are more apt to offer the same consideration.


If they don’t then they are most likely a person that will never ‘hear’ you and then it’d be a time to do yourself a favor and think again about how much of your time is worth in this relationship/friendship.

My joy today came from these two truths. Let it go and listen.