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I hit the day running.

And my God ran right after me and said, “Hold on! Wait one second. Don’t forget ME.”

In spiritual direction this morning Fr. Alfonso reiterated the POWER praying the OUR FATHER has on the enemy.

In reciting the OUR FATHER I found my JOY today.

Our Father prayer 2

Say it with me. Right now. Pray it. Slowly. One verse at a time realizing that by the time you get to ‘as we forgive those who trespassed against us’ that you have already called upon the will of the Lord to help you to forgive. It’s okay if you can’t but God can. 🙂

Finally, I received this text from a friend of mine and it was as if God handed it directly to me and said, “See, I know the situation. There is always more than one victim…but with ME you are both SURVIVORS.”

*Please note* This video may be triggering to abuse survivors…it is meant for you but I’m giving fair warning. It is lengthy but please, watch to the end.