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It is a gift to realize that when God’s given the reigns He will get you where you need to go.

A little more than a year ago I was contacted by a friend to help someone she cared about overcome some personal demons. I got in touch with the young woman, April, who was all over the board with her emotions and terrified of what more she’d find on the dark path she’d chosen.

We needed to first figure out why she’d chosen that path. The ‘why’ is always important because when we look inside ourselves and come to terms with what led us to the ‘why’ then we find the catalyst to the turmoil and strife that ultimately leads to bad decisions.

Once April began to speak openly about her life, not just what was happening in the present, but what had occurred in the past, we recognized the very source of which the enemy had ensnared her.

james verse

The catch was getting April to the point of recognizing her worth in order to have the strength to fight the battle. That is the catch. When we are trapped by the enemy we lose sight of who God created us to be. We lose our purpose and get lost in the pit of lies and despair. The enemy makes this place seem comfortable and soon being ensnared in the devil’s ways seems to be what is the norm and we forget about the hurt we are causing others and ourselves.

For months April and I worked on getting her to ‘look up’ and ‘fight back’. It is difficult when we’ve been victimized by abuse and turn to substance abuse to make that pain go away. It is like covering an infected gaping wound with a used Band-Aid.

One thing I knew for certain as April talked she also listened. The more she shared the more she heard her own voice reveal her truth. In her truth she found courage and strength. But as for most she needed to fall to the bottom of the pit to realize what to do with that courage and strength.

One year ago I got a call from April saying she was ready to get the help she needed for herself and her children. Her mother drove her to the rehabilitation program Strong Tower in Hitchison, TX and last night she graduated.


April pushed through the pain, the hurt, and despair and looked up to fight back. Listening to the women who spoke of what an encouragement and inspiration she was to them in their own treatment was beautiful. She was beautiful. She overcame and found that she is worth the fight.

God has only just begun with April. She has finally given Him the reigns and there is a world of blessings awaiting her in the plans He has made.

How did she do it? She gave Him a chance. And she ‘soaked in His presence’, allowing herself to be washed by the blood of the lamb, taken out of that pit and free from the enemy’s lies.

I soaked in the Lord’s presence in constant praise and worship and prayer for His glory. I am still in awe [of Him].” ~ April

I find that one experience in my life tends to flow with another. That every day is purposeful and while I’m struggling with one battle it might be hearing or witnessing of another person’s victory that helps me gain the edge or momentum to endure my own fight. Last night I was encouraged by April and the other graduates of the Strong Tower program. Their battle is not over. We will all always be nipped at the heels by the enemy but I see their strength and in turn that gives hope.





~Hope’s Anthem

Again I heard the song that encouraged me about a month ago when I was feeling down and out. I wanted to share it again. Give encouragement and HOPE to you in whatever circumstance you might be in. Be sure to listen to the end. Let God lift you up today.

Hope’s Anthem