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We all want to know we aren’t the ‘only one’.

The only one who feels guilty.

The only one insecure.

The only one angry.

The only one feeling out of place.

The only one confused.

The only one hurt.

The only one frustrated.

The only one bored.

The only one not interested.

The only one not good enough.

We love to commiserate in the negative.

The moment we realize the fact that we are not alone it lifts our spirit and takes the pressure off…leading us to ‘let it go’.


The key is to talk about what it is we are feeling. If we don’t share the feeling how will anyone be able to commiserate and bring you to let it go? ;)

I have never been one short for words or sharing feelings. I display my life like it’s an ‘open book’… literally. But I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve held some things closer than usual this past year.

It’s a catch 22. I have always felt the way we learn, grow and ‘let it go’ is by recognizing that there is someone out there just like us, but on the other hand when I share too much it has led to some (not many but a very small few…if few…) in my life that have taken offense to my opinion or feelings.

My intention in sharing my opinions and feelings in my every day happenings, mainly tackling this battle of tackling the evils of abuse and helping others to overcome, is never, ever to hurt another.

My intention is pure. It is to help you know you are not the only one.

My voice (and YOURS) is meant to be heard. Watch out because I’m only going to get louder.