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The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Hopeful Hearts Ministry is dedicated to spreading awareness to all forms of abuse.  Throughout the month I will be sharing other survivor’s stories, book reviews of survivor’s stories, follow-up stories of hope, and other information to partake in helping and restoring the spirit of survivors of abuse.

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GASP FOR LIFE  gasping-for-life

Also, it is important to highlight the fact that domestic violence is not just a woman’s issue. Men are beaten down emotionally, verbally and physically. Here is an enlightening PSA from London that shows how society chooses to look away or even mock a man when he is being beaten down by a woman.

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If you are a survivor of Domestic Violence and want to have a VOICE and tell your story please email me at:


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The last two weeks of October I will be taking a journey with my mother, who is also a survivor of domestic violence by her first husband, to the Holy Land. Together we will be praying daily for women (and men) who are stuck in relationships that have beaten them down so badly it is hard to find the ray of hope to hold onto.  Please pray with me that these women and men will turn to our blessed Lord for courage, strength and wisdom.