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Years ago before when the mere idea of Hopeful Hearts tickled the base of my brain I immediately envisioned our main event near Valentine’s Day. Hearts. Hope. Love. Valentine’s… how appropriate.

And having an event to help support Hopeful Hearts on a day which we associate with JOY, LOVE, HOPE, and often NEW BEGINNINGS is essential.

I didn’t want a stuffy (no offense to other non-profit fund raisers) sit down banquet where I would make people squirm in their seats talking about a subject that is simply uncomfortable. Abuse is synonymous with shame.

Hopeful Hearts Ministry is dedicated to help survivors put the shame where it belongs ( on the abuser!!) freeing them to LIVE life.

It is important to CELEBRATE LIFE and CELEBRATE LOVE. In order to thrive we need to give ourselves permission to smile, to laugh, and if I get my way DANCE. :D

Tuesday I went with two angels in my life, Jodi & Amanda, and picked out the decorations for the event. The vision that had once tickled my brain was now coming to fruition. It is surreal.

And I keep hearing:

Our God lyrics

It’s taken three years…we will be in our fourth year when we have the Gala and I know that my ‘vision’ of having a ‘safe place’ for survivors to come and find what they need to heal, grow and thrive is going to happen.

I have an entire legion of angels, literal angels on earth, helping me make this dream come true. The planning. The decorating. The silent auction (oh my! :) ) …even the band (5th Avenue…yeah baby!!!! :D) I am overwhelmed with their generosity of precious time and talent.

For once I had no words. Details were set. It is going to happen. I got in the car and burst in to tears.


FB Event-flyer-v3

You won’t want to miss it!!!



*If you are interested in sponsoring, sponsor tables, donating silent auction, etc please visit the websites GALA Info tab.*