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Okay so my 12 week challenge turned into a 12 week 14 week challenge. To be honest, I was going to just skip that last weigh in because I knew I didn’t do so well with my eating habits on the week of my birthday.

However, I was actively working out, lifting weights, bringing my Body for Life Journal to the gym, getting told by strangers, “You do realize we have smart phones now with neat programs called APS…”

Oh yeah? Go do another curl… grrrrr

;) I like to write things down, keep track of the weight I’m lifting, how many reps, how I’m advancing and see where I started and where I am today. I am a list maker and I relish in scratching the lines out one by one.

They can stare at me all they want. I’m not the lady with the earphones who sings out loud to a tune only she can hear… (:))

So why did it take me two weeks to get you the last weigh in? Because for a while there my mind won. I had a weak moment and I gave in to the usual self-destructing train of thought.

“I’m not losing any weight so why am I trying so hard to eat grass and dirt to lose a pound that no one else notices?”

“I’m not obese. Why am I trying so hard?”

cakeOn the day after my birthday when we were home I went to the store and bought myself my favorite cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was a tiny cake, but I enjoyed it for about 4 days…I took little bites here and there, just enough to get the thick chocolate fudge frosting stuck to the roof of my mouth. That’s all I needed. Was a few bites. After four days I threw away a little more than half the cake. I was sick of it. I felt gross and it was the last thing I wanted.

I longed for the carrots and cucumbers. Can you believe? Seriously…I know…crazy.

When I sat down my stomach folded over and a crease formed at the top leaving a nice round bulge to push out. It wouldn’t be an issue if I were about 4 or 5 months pregnant. Ugh, it made me gag a little bit. My initial desire to start the challenge came flooding back. I don’t like feeling this way. That’s why I am doing this. FOR ME.

Dr Seuss youer than you

A friend of mine/ trainer wrote to me and asked if I wanted to try another 12 week challenge. Have her support me through it. I was honest with where I fail in the end. The sabotage of my mind.

“Why don’t you look at it as adding the good things in, eating more vegetables, drinking more water, doing the exercise you’re doing…and that way you’ll naturally fill up and won’t eat as much of the bad.”

Adding the good instead of denying the bad. At some point the good weighs out the bad.

Like it. :D

The next day Richard text me to come weigh in. I tried to decline. He wouldn’t allow it.

But I saw my progress and I feel good.

Not the greatest picture but it's all I could do last minute.

When I FIRST began it was last October and I was beyond anything I ever thought I’d be. I was mortified I’d reached that point and I began trying.

10/16/13 My body fat % was 23.41%

When I began to get ‘serious’ was in May and I started the 21 Day Fix program which helped me to see how many portions of vegetables and protein I needed to have each day. I started the 12 week challenge in the first of June.

06/?/14 My body fat was down to 20.48%

In July I LIVED LIFE and I don’t regret it one bit. However, I didn’t get the chance to balance it out with working out and went up in my %.

7/23/14 My body fat was 22.16%

That’s when my mind began it’s battle. I started the weight training but battled the eating. I have not done well in the eating…I’ve tried here and there and had a grand ole time for my birthday but now I’m done. I’m ready to ‘add the good’ and see what happens.

9/10/14 My body fat was 20.62%

So despite my self – sabotage I’ve managed to get back to where I began in June. Now it’s a challenge of numbers!

I leave for the Holy Land October 17th…that’s just about five weeks away. What can I do between now and then? Wait and see!!

How did YOU do on your challenge? I know those I was working with stumbled and tripped a bit but what I see is that we ALL GET UP and keep going. Don’t give up. Remember? Never never give up.