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Pulling a lifeless body out of an elevator doesn’t quite paint the picture enough for a life-long suspension for Raven’s Ray Rice. At first he gets a slap on the hand two week suspension. It wasn’t until the public created a cyber lynching on the NFL ‘powers that be’ did the new policy come forward to suspend players for 6 weeks.

But now the rest of the story has been revealed.

See CNN Video and commentary here:  **Warning** Could have a triggering effect on those who’ve suffered physical violence.

Why has it taken so long to obtain this video? Why is seeing the punch actually take place make it that much worse than watching a man drag a woman from an elevator?

I see someone walk up to him once she is half out of the elevator…what did that person say? Why didn’t they cause a fuss seeing a woman and her dignity laid across the floor?

Why did it take for the punch to be seen for the Raven’s to cut Ray Rice?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they are doing the right thing. But I believe when the first video came out in July the big question then would have been to find this video if that’s what they needed to make a decision.

A portion of the interview with Wehman & Wolff Across America is airing today at 3:33pm ET on WENGRadio. http://www.wengradio.com LISTEN TO THE LIVE STREAM. Or if go to their archives and find today’s Sun Coast Live program (9/8/14).

fighting backPlease join me in prayer for all women (and, yes, men) who find themselves in a domestic violent situation. I pray for Janay who I’m certain is in a very precarious situation with the media focused on her husband and I pray she is not taking more ‘hits of blame’.

It is time that this makes the news. It is time that this begins to trend. It is time that victims of abuse HAVE A VOICE.