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Call in the reinforcements. Sound the alarms. I have lost my mind. :D


You know that moment when you do something and immediately you hear the voice in your head that reminded you how you once said, “I’ll never…”? And you hear yourself tell others ‘Never say never because it always comes back to bite you.’


“I’m never going to get another big dog.”

Bailey, our sweet (yet feisty with a stranger behind a door), yellow Lab has been in our family for almost 11 years. I’ve helped her birth her babies (a 10 count liter) and I bonded with her as she moped around in depression once we sold/and or gave away every single puppy. I didn’t take one from her own liter because I didn’t want two big dogs and I certainly didn’t want a puppy. I just dealt with raising 10 for 8 weeks!

It's fun to just see the many hairstyle's I've rocked over the years. LOL

A year later Neal brings home Rocky, an aging black Lab from the same family line as Bailey. He was ‘retired’ as a hunting dog and needed a family to be with him through his last years. Rocky tore our house to shreds when he came into our lives and I thought it was the end of Neal but Rocky nuzzled his way into my heart and when we had to put him down four years later because of a sudden brain illness I mourned the loss as if he were my own flesh and blood.

Rocky used to sleep in the bed with Seth.

“It’ll be a long time before we get a big dog after Bailey.”


Last night I went to a friend’s wedding shower. I was headed out the door when the hostess came in the room with a puppy in her arms.

Imagine a Hershey kiss left in the Texas sun for five minutes. My heart melted in double, no, triple speed.

Seriously...need I say more?

She was the most beautiful dog I’d ever seen. Before I realized what I was doing I put my things down and had her in my arms.

My mind flooded with the shrieks of delight and excitement from Seth if he knew I was admitting weakness to this canine friend. I’d make his year. I’d be the best mom ever. ;)

I took pictures and sent them to Neal, praying silently for him to admonish my silliness, giving me a proper scolding and easing my heart away from this madness. It is foolish. A foolish idea.

Headed home empty handed I tried to remember my own words. “You were never going to get a big dog again. You wanted to live dog hair free for a few years before attaching to another animal. You got Seth a Beta fish instead of a puppy. He’s fine.”

I walked in the back door to find Neal standing at the kitchen counter with his phone in his hands. “A puppy, huh?”

In that moment Seth walked into the room. “Puppy? Did you say puppy? Oh my gosh. Are you serious? A puppy?” His face mimicked the puppy’s innocence and cuteness. He put his hands on my shoulders. “Mom, are you serious? What are you guys talking about? I heard dad say puppy.”

Neal showed him the pictures.


Need I say more?

If I could bottle the enthusiasm and delight that filled the room in that moment I’d be a millionaire’ess thrice over. :D

Who am I kidding? She had me at hello. Or is it ‘whimper’?

Like I said, it’s probably not a sane decision but it’s our decision. She’s a Weimaraner and we get her on Monday. Happy early birthday to me! ;)

Oh I mean…Merry Christmas Seth. :D