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Taken back.

Taken aback.


Over the weekend I had someone send me a ‘tweet’ with a picture asking if it seemed familiar.

The mountain that loomed over my family in El Paso, TX.

I glanced at it and quickly responded something obvious about the mountains and figured they knew I’d just come back from Colorado. And yet once I responded I was drawn to click on the picture and enlarge it.

There it was. A memory in print.

Thunderbird mountain.

Not just the mountain…the road…my heart pounded. I hadn’t seen it in 33 years. This person was close. Then he sends me this picture.


It is the street I lived on and Carlos Rivera, the school I attended. The same school that backed up to the abandoned ‘possessed’ church on the hill. The church was gone replaced by an Episcopalian ‘Church on the Hill’ he said. I pray they ‘cleansed the area’ ;).

How could I ever forget? In many ways it was validating to have the pictures before me and to realize my memory was sharp. But then again, who could forget nearly being abducted?

If you don’t recall this story it is the first chapter of EXPOSED. It was the moment I knew God was alive and with me. Plus, the enemy was real. Not some child’s game or fantasized boogie man materialized by adults to keep children obedient.

The enemy knows my name and I’ve been conscious of this fact ever since. Proud in some ways because as long as the enemy is threatened then it means I’m doing something that threatens the enemy – what threatens the enemy?

LOVE love love love love love

1 Cornithians 13

Obedience to God’s will.

john 15 7 obedience to God

EXPOSING the fruitless works of darkness into the light.

ephesians 5 8 live as children of light

Helping others SPEAK OUT about the evil imposed on them.

Ephesians 5 11 expose the darkness

Not listening to the enemy’s lies. BEING ME.

2 Timothy 11

You being YOU.

That’s all that we need to do is BE WHO GOD CREATED US TO BE.

You are worthy.

You are good enough.

You are loved.

Simply believing, knowing, and receiving these truths ticks the enemy off.

The memory of that day could hold a place of fear in my heart or it could remind me of the power of God’s saving grace.

I choose grace over fear.

Allow God’s grace to unchain the memories that keep you in fear.

Heavenly Father, we ask You today to release us from the spirit of fear and shame that clouds our memories and chains us to sins and evil actions that are not ours. You have freed us with Your saving grace. Lord, unbind our hearts from the evil that remains to keep our eyes and hearts turned away from you. Walk with us as we abide in Your Word and walk in Your Light. Through Jesus Christ we pray – AMEN! :)